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Art photo print on polyester


High quality print on flexible polyester

XXL size:  ± 150 x 80 cm  •  60" x 32"

Light-, tear-, and scratch-resistant.


Art photo print on aluminium


High quality print on alu-dibond pane

XXL size:  ± 136 x 72 cm  •  54" x 28"

Matte UV finish and mounting included.




+ What is musicmap and the Carta?


The Carta is the static and physical representation of the dynamic and digital the Genealogy of Popular Music Genres from origin till present. In other words: a comprehensive and complex map of music styles. You can read all about the design and how this map came to be here.

+ What about different sizes and materials?

There is currently only one size per product, as smaller sizes would sacrifice legibility of some of the finer fonts and lines and larger sizes would become very impractical and expensive. Other sizes and materials are possible by custom demand. However, we have tested various sizes and materials and believe the current products offer the best representations of musicmap while keeping the price affordable.

+ Can I request a custom print or place a large order?


If you have a specific order request, like a different color setup or layer combination, size, or a particular type of material, please reach out and we will see what is possible. If you’d like to place a large order or are considering a special B2B opportunity, please contact us at:

+ What about music genres from the last years?


The music genres from 2016-2023 are still very fresh and require more time to pass before we can have a proper retrospective look. It is safe to say that the number of truly new core genres formed in these few last years is modest. It is only now, after the end of the decade, that we can look back to the decade even before that (the 2000s) and realize the influence and significance of certain genres.

+ Where do you ship to?


musicmap ships all across the globe, from door to door, with very few exceptions. If you country is one of these exceptions, checkout will not be possible. Please read section 6 of our Terms & Conditions for more information.

+ How long does it take until I receive my package?


This can take anywhere between 3 - 20 days, depending on the country, customs regulations, etc. Due to volatile demand, we normally ship in batches, so sometimes it takes a little while before a batch is full. Our web store is a small business without giant automatic warehouses, so please be patient. Packages are shipped out of the European Union, therefore the distance from the EU is a crucial factor in delivery time. You can check in on your delivery using our Track & Trace service or mail us of time is a crucial factor.

+ Help! I did not receive my package!

Please send us an email with your name, address, shipping number, and date of order.  Remember that it can take quite a while for your package to arrive.



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