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HQ Photo Art Print on Alu-Dibond including Fixation


Complete color print of musicmap on aluminium featuring all 234 music genres and 23 supergenres in XXL format: 54" x 28" or 136 x 72 cm. Comes with easy mounting kit and bookmark cards.


The carta is printed directly on a high-end compound material, known as dibond, consisting of two aluminium plates and a black polyethylene core, with an ultrafine thickness of 3 mm or 0.1”. It is very durable and strong, yet light and easily moveable. Often used by professional photographers for their exhibitions, this material can even be placed outdoors and published in extremely large sizes. We offer the print with a matte UV-finish and easy mounting kit included. We chose aluminium as this renders musicmap perfectly and sharply, and it is therefore much more suitable than e.g. canvas, forex, plexiglass, or wood.


The material is ideal as a unique living room canvas, modern office decoration, or if you need it for exterior space. With the included easy mounting kit you can mount the dibond plate directly on the wall and create a floating effect (around 1cm spacing). The metal print is slightly smaller than the flex print (90%), because cutting-edge print techniques allow us to have a reduced size for easier handling and mounting while maintaining a razorsharp image and vivid colors.


Musicmap XXL Metal Print

  • Material:  Aluminium Dibond (double sided alu with black core)
    Easy mounting kit included
    Exact Size:  1360 x 720 x 3 mm • 53.5" x 28.3" x 0.1"
    Weight:  4520g • 159.4oz
    Density:  4620g/m² • 136.3oz/yd²