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HQ Photo Art Print on Flex Polyester

Complete color print of musicmap on polyester featuring all 234 music genres and 23 supergenres in XXL format: 60" x 32" or 151 x 80 cm. Comes with small printed social cards and legend card.


The print is not published on regular poster or photo paper. Instead, an extremely strong and flexible fabric designed for high-end art and photography printing is being used, made out of polyester. The backside of this material is covered with a silver-greyish layer to block unwanted light from behind. The material is highly flexible, UV-resistant, scratch- and tear-resistant, and even washable. The weight is very heavy, at about 410 g/m² or 13,3 oz/yd², much higher than most prints. The front side is soft to the touch with a fine grainy texture, yet all lines and fonts remain sharp and colors are vibrant.


The material is suitable for any kind of fixation or framing and works perfect as a classroom educational tool, bedroom poster, portable print, desk underlay with mousepad, or as the base for a (paned) frame. The flex print is slightly larger than the metal print.


Musicmap XXL Flex Print

  • Material:  HQ photo flex polyester
    UV-, tear-, and scratch-resistant
    Exact Size:  1510 x 800mm • 59.5" x 31.5"
    Weight:  500g • 17.6oz
    Density:  413g/m² • 12.18oz/yd²